Meet Platform Voices

Platform Voices tell us about their first live show, Neverland


Platform Voices are a youth vocal group who meet regularly at Platform youth hub in Finsbury Park. Directed by professional singer Dionne Reid, the group recently performed their first live show. Group member Bogart tells us about how he got involved and what inspired their new show.

“I got involved with Platform through a 5 day Afrobeats musical that they organised three years ago. I was given the opportunity by my drama teacher, and since then I’ve been coming along and getting involved in various activities.”

“There are around 21 people in the group that actively perform with the group on a regular basis. We tend to perform a collection of different songs, some are meaningful and powerful with a distinct message. However, they can also just be songs based on the theme which we happen to be working on. Our vocal coach, Dionne, is quite flexible about which songs we perform but sometimes decides which songs we do in order to send a message.”

Platform Voices’ first show, Neverland, was a tribute to Michael Jackson, and the group covered some of his most popular hits.

“The group was looking for a theme for our first show that could showcase our abilities but also allow us to enjoy ourselves and be taken out of our comfort zone,” said Bogart. “Michael Jackson meets these criteria because he was such an intricate artist. We also felt that Michael Jackson songs would allow us to be able to address problems that we have in our society, giving us a voice from the past to show how some things haven’t changed.”

“The thing I enjoyed most about the show is how it brought out a different side to many people. The show allowed people to take their first steps in becoming soloists and helped people who were already confident singers to be taken out of their comfort zones. It was a real learning process and delivered a strong and powerful message.”

“But the thing I enjoyed most of all,” said Bogart, “is that the show allowed us to finally show how we have grown as a group and the amazing work that Dionne has done with everyone individually but also the group as a whole.”

Enjoy singing solo and as part of a choir? Join platform voices and learn how to improve your harmony skills, increase your vocal range and grow your confidence. Check out the Platform website for more info.