Fonthill Road fashion district

Head to Fonthill Road for your fashion fix

Image of John Arpaci

When it comes to fashion, it’s getting harder to carve out your own unique style. You can spend hours hunting the high street to find that killer outfit only to bump into three people wearing the same thing on a night out in your local. So, how to avoid this fashion faux pas?

With around 100 independent shops dedicated to fashion, Fonthill Road might just be the answer you’re looking for. From party dresses, shoes and bridal wear to milliners, men’s suits and tailoring – you can find something for every occasion.

Bargain hunting

Fonthill Road was once a hub for the capital’s fashion and textile wholesale industry, importing and exporting clothes on a global scale. Ever since the doors opened for retail business a few years back, fashionistas have been flocking to fill their wardrobes with exclusive pieces at a fraction of West End prices.

Nasser is the owner of men’s fashion store, Novo Moda. “It’s amazing how far the reputation of the area travels. People come to Fonthill Road to buy good quality clothing at competitive prices. I have customers that regularly come in from Manchester, Birmingham and even as a far as Scotland.”

The Fonthill experience

Fonthill Road isn’t just about the clothes; there’s a real buzz about the place. Shopping here is an experience which has more in common with the sights and sounds of London’s great markets than a humdrum high street. If your energy wanes, there are plenty of places to take the weight off, enjoy a drink and a bite to eat or just indulge in some people watching.

John Arpaci (pictured) is the owner of Love Fashions, one of the many women’s boutiques which line each side of the street. “I’d encourage people to come to Fonthill to experience the unique shopping vibe, meet the friendly shopkeepers and check out the vibrant garments.”

Not on the high street

Next time your wardrobe is looking tired and you’re in need of inspiration, skip the well-thumbed racks of high street stores and head for Fonthill Road to hone your style and grab a bargain that makes you stand out from the crowd.