My Finsbury Park: Yasmin Ali

Yasmin Ali – Ambler Children’s Centre

Image of Yasmin Ali

Located in the heart of Finsbury Park, the Ambler campus of school and children’s centre provides a number of services for families and children, from pre-birth to the end of Year 7, together with adult and community learning, recreational activities for the wider community and extended day care. Family Support Worker Yasmin Ali has worked in the children’s centre for six years. She describes how a strong partnership with parents is at the heart of her work with families.

“Being a parent is not easy and all families need help at some stage. I give families the information, support and encouragement they need to help their children learn, grow and develop. My relationship with families starts in the home where I meet parents and carers to find out what’s important to them and what issues I might be able to help with.

I love working with children and I’ll spend time with parents playing with children, supporting them to interact with their child, and work out ways to deal with any behaviour they may find challenging, like tantrums.

I also provide emotional support to parents and carers, and help with issues such as finances, housing and employment. I link up with other professionals such as speech and language therapists and health visitors, to make sure families get all the help they need and it is properly coordinated.

I love seeing the difference that is made when families that are struggling get the right support. Parents enjoy being with their children more and it makes such a difference when basic needs like financial security are sorted out.”
Ambler Children’s Centre provides day care and early education for children aged 6 months-5 years, as well as family support, health services and activities such as aerobics, with a crèche. Stay and Plays run throughout the week, along with baby signing, song and rhyme sessions.