My Finsbury Park: Ruth Catlow

Ruth Catlow is the director at Furtherfield Gallery

Furtherfield Gallery

Furtherfield Gallery enjoys a leafy location in Finsbury Park, set in a modest red-brick pavilion next to the boating pond and adventure playground. Gallery director, writer and artist Ruth describes Furtherfield’s work, as well as its place in the community.

“The amazing diversity of people, lifestyles, activities and plants in Finsbury Park is our context and our inspiration. The gallery’s park location ensures that we have a fantastic variety of visitors, with people of all ages popping in to see what we are up to. We have an active online group of artists, technologists and activists, but eighty percent of our guests are local people enjoying the greenery.

The project was set up twenty years ago, with the gallery opening in 2012. Our remit is to explore the relationship between digital technologies and contemporary art.

An example of our work is the summer show ‘Networking the Unseen.’ This consists of installations about networks by indigenous Australian artists. One piece highlights the central importance of phone booths to rural communities – we investigate older technologies as well as cutting-edge emerging ones.

We’ve developed an app related to the show which will allow people to create selfies exploring their own culture. And we’ll be running family workshops where people can come and meet the Australian artists.

As well as the gallery, we run Furtherfield Commons. Here diverse groups of local people and visitors to the area can debate, discuss and meet with our international network. We encourage people to share their work and their worlds. Furtherfield is all about bringing people together!”